With the Mi 11 Lite’s sleek uncluttered looks, it doesn’t look like it would pack quite the punch. Yet, when held firmly in one hand, the lightweight design and speed are sure to make anyone who tries one smile. The innovative flat-design antenna is slim enough not to take up too much space, yet still manages to provide clear reception. The antenna is also removable, allowing users to utilize their existing wires for other applications. But that’s not all; here’s how to buy Mi 11 Lite with ease…

Internal Storage / Memory Card slot Up till now, the Mi 11 Lite only had an internal storage capacity of fourGB. However, after spending some time with the device, we’ve found that the card can actually hold more than five hundred songs and other media files, as well as up to sixty hours of voice recordings. To see how much additional storage is available, you can tap the micro SD card icon at the bottom right corner of the camera’s screen. More importantly, you can now insert up to three extra devices (and one camera), which will increase the phone’s usable memory size.

Expandable Software Storage – One major problem we have observed with many of the lesser made Chinese smartphones is that, despite their high-quality engineering, they are unable to support most major apps. On the Mi 11, this issue has been addressed in a number of different ways. For example, the manufacturer utilizes a proprietary software platform for managing the phone’s core applications and features. The miui 12 lite, on the other hand, will support Google’s own Android Kit Kat 4.4 mobile operating system, and several additional low-cost apps. In fact, the list of apps supported on this phone would almost be endless.

Rear Shot Image Sticker – This feature of the phone is extremely useful for those who use professional photographs or images. For example, many professional photographers prefer to use the front facing camera of their phones for taking photos and images. However, if they want to take photos of family and friends, they might prefer to use the rear camera to capture special moments. Thanks mi 11 lite to a new feature introduced in the Mi 11 Lite, the user can now choose among an array of Mi skin color options, namely: Winter white, Summer white, or Autumnal yellow.

Speakers – One of the best selling features of this affordable phone is the built-in speakerphone. Users can also enjoy hands-free calling, music, and internet features with the help of these speakers. Unlike the iPhone and some other mobiles, the built-in speaker lets users adjust the volume with a touch of a button. So, if you are planning to buy a smartphone that has excellent sound quality but you are short on money, consider buying the Mi11 Lite 5g instead.

Battery – The impressive yet compact handset comes with a huge battery. You can use it for connecting to the internet during your travel or business trips, as well as charge up your phone during your daily workouts. You can buy the handset in two variants, which are the low-priced Plus variant and the high-priced Grand Black version. The low priced 5g version of the phone features a quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, a four mega-pixel camera with auto-focus, a 3000 mAh battery, and a microSD slot for storing additional data. The high priced Blackberry Bold, Nokia E71, and LG Shine comes with the same specifications but cost much higher.

A Comprehensive Review Of The Mi 11 Lite And Its Features